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A-Z Loan Glossary

A4 Amount
B4 Bank
C4 Cost
D4 Debt
E4 Equity
F4 Finance
G4 Grant
H4 Home
I4 Insurance
J4 Joint
K4 Key
L4 Loan
M4 Mortgage
N4 Net
O4 Overdraft
P4 Premium
Q4 Quote
R4 Rate
S4 Secured
T4 Tenant
U4 Unsecured
V4 Variable
W4 Waiver
Y4 Yield
Z4 Zero

A-Z   of the Loan Industry's Jargon when Targeting Consumers for Loans
Consumer Loan Packages



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Benefit Basis

Benefit Basis: The benefit structure of a group insurance policy or pension arrangement. It defines the type and level of benefits for each category of membership. For example, life assurance cover for one category of employees might be 3 x salary and for another category of employees it might be 4 x salary (the categories must be clearly defined groups in terms of jobs carried out so as to ensure there is no illegal discrimination).

Expanded List of Definitions "B"

Balloon Mortgage Bancassurer Bank Bank Giro Credit (BGC) Bankers' Draft Base Rate Basic State Pension Bed Breakfasting Beneficiary Benefit Basis Benefits Benefits In Kind Bequest Bid Offer Bid Price Bid-Offer Spread Bi-Weekly Payments Bonds Bonus Bridging Loan Building Campaign Building Society Bulk Transfer Buy Back Buy Out Buy-to-Let